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2016 Commissions

· · · Hey there, my name’s Vicky. I’m currently working freelance so my schedule’s pretty loose. I am sending out inquiries to studios but I am totally free to dedicate my time to commissions indefinitely. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a note or email me.

· · · Please be sure to read my Terms of Service in its entirety, as this information is included in-contract and on the invoices.

Commissions are LIMITED Currently taking Sketch Commissions –Commissions will fully open again by February.

· Please email your commission request, descriptions and reference to:

· Payments must be via Paypal.

· Send all PayPal payments to:

· A non-refundable 50% up-front deposit is required.

· I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.

· All character commissions are full-body unless otherwise specified.

· For additional characters add 50% of the original price per character.

· Price may increase depending on complexity.

· Completion times vary. An estimate will be provided.

· Please provide all necessary information in your first email to ensure the completed commission is correct.

· Try not to change your mind after the agreement has been bound with the 50% deposit, as I’ll likely have started illustrating. Late changes can be made but will incur a fee.

· Please include:

 - all reference images, or links to images

 - short description of desired illustration

 - limited 100-word summary of character description

· Please do not include: Word docs, links to your story, long biographies, or confusing instructions.

· Try to be brief; use only necessary information regarding your commission; I do not have the time to read your story.

· Commissioned works may be displayed online, such the clients’ blog, with full credit. (At least my username.)

· All works may be used freely for Private use; do not Reproduce, Alter (“derivative works”) or use Commercially without permission.

· All Copyrights Reserved to myself (Victoria Ranowiecki) by default.

· If a client wishes to own Copyright or partial Copyright, it can be purchased and signed over at a cost dependent on the rights in question and intent of the client with the work in question.

· · · Please do not edit, alter, crop, reproduce (such as on merchandise,) publish or otherwise use the work in a way that violates the current status of the copyright ownership in question, or legal actions will be taken.

· · · Contact me to discuss details of how you can acquire extended rights to the work if you are interested in using the work for another project, or commissioning works specifically for the purpose of commercial use.

(I might just give you the rights. This is all just in place to cover my ass if something does happen. I do however believe that most people are good and well-intentioned and I like helping others out with their projects. So just ask, let me know what you’re planning and we’ll work it out.)

· RareTnT – [1 week]

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· NeilPChoi [COMPLETE]

     [●] Sketch

· MG Herod – [COMPLETE]

     [●] Sketch

     [●] Sketch

· Teresa M. – [2 weeks]

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· @ImChubb - [1-3 days]

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· Teresa M. – [2 weeks]

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· … [OPEN]

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